FlatBed 3D
FlatBed 3D

  What is FlatBed 3D?

FlatBed 3D is a high precision 3D scanner that allows you to 3D capture objects by fitting a dual laser scan module on a coordinate type table such as a CNC router/mill/lathe. Along with a supplied USB controller (STEP&DIR) you can use your existing CNC machine to 3D scan objects using FlatBed 3D. The system is occlusion resistant, completely scalable and semi turn-key in its operation. Once captured you can then view, modify and store the 3D data on you PC. The data may also be exported to graphics and CAD applications for further post processing.

  Where can I get FlatBed 3D? (Developers Only)

Download FlatBed 3D Scanner (ALPHA Private Release Version 0.4)


FlatBed 3D

  Minimum Requirements

- Pentium 2.5GHz CPU
- 1024mb System Memory
- OpenGL Supported Graphics Card, nVidia or ATI Only
- .NET Framework Not Required
- DirectX 9 or higher


ALPHA V0.4 Private Release November 2009 Build 69
ALPHA V0.4 Public Release May 2010 Build x

  Current Release

ALPHA V0.4 Private Release April 2010 Build 83

  Complete Solutions; Services and Custom Builds

Today its possible to scan large areas of the earths surface to large molecules. But, if you know something about 3D scanning then you'll know that no single scanning technology captures it all. Each technology offers it's own merit and limitations. The trick is to choose the right technology for the application. That's why intricad has invested in the development of several different technologies and provides complete solutions to meet your specific 3D scanning needs. We can offer single systems for highly specialized tasks as well as develop mass produced products.


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